The Dark and Disturbing Way What If Amplified Scarlet Witch’s Pain

Marvel’s What If …? put an even darker spin on the scariest Scarlet Witch moment and illustrates how things could have gone much worse.

Although many moments in Marvel’s history could be called iconic, none of them have the same impact as M-Day. With just three words, the Scarlet Witch reduced the mutant population of the world to a fraction of its former self. What would happen if… made the situation even worse by expanding the extent of Wanda’s grief to the point that it encompassed the majority of heroes and villains the Marvel Universe has known.

Brian Reed, Jim McCann, and Paolo Pantalena’s “What If… Scarlet Witch Finished the House of M by saying, “No More Power?” From 2008’s House of M, The readers are taken back to the time when Wanda Maximoff changed the course of history by declaring “No More Power!” After the shocking truth of the events of House of M was revealed and her brother Quicksilver was killed by Magneto, Wanda took it upon herself to take on their father in the most painful manner that was possible. Instead of eliminating the powers of mutants, however this time, the Scarlet Witch determined to wipe them out just by changing the word.

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How What is the case …? Marvel’s M Day

When she said “No further powers,” instead of “No more mutants” Wanda left not just Magneto and his fellow mutants, but all the other members of the Avengers completely powerless, too. The scope of this change was enough to make you shiver, but the fallout caused it to be even more alarming. It reinforced what readers already knew in frightening new ways. While the original Marvel timeline’s version of M-Day saw anti-mutant terrorists take the chance to launch massive attacks on defenseless institutions, What If? House of M created a power vacuum that was unlike anything else. This led to more technologically or classically inclined organizations such as A.I.M. and Hydra joining forces to form an invincible Front of Evil.

Iron Man and other heroes were able to stand on the frontline despite not possessing superhuman capabilities. While this did serve to highlight Wanda’s severity but it was not enough. While Wanda’s Decimation was eventually reverted in the original Marvel Universe, the fact that it didn’t happen is present in the What If? It’s a reminder of how awful things could have turned out. This isn’t just true for comic books. There are numerous reasons why the Marvel Cinematic Universe should explore similar ground, if not the same.

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How a World Without Powers Could Look in the MCU

With mutants not playing a major role in the MCU at present There’s no reason to think that M Day or the Decimation will appear on the big screen anytime soon. About the small screen, however, Marvel’s What If …? This is an excellent opportunity to look at the possible scenarios that Wanda’s ability to alter reality could lead to. There are obvious questions about where a story would go based on the capabilities the MCU already offers, but the answers to these questions are equally obvious.

2021’s WandaVisionand 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness featured Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch as a threat capable of reshaping reality according to her wishes. Both allowed Wanda to be a hero who at least partially redeemed her actions. If those never happened in the future, Wanda would get the chance to take on the most destructive elements of her powers in the same manner as the villainous Doctor Strange did in the first season of What If …?. This will allow Wanda to take on the rest of the power of the universe and could be the beginning of her journey to never lose. Fans could see this dark side if the show continues the show.

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Stranger Things Prequel Reveals the Dark and Mysterious Past of Vecna

The new teaser trailer for Stranger Things: The First Shadow reveals the live stage show’s focus on the origin of series antagonist Vecna.

A teaser trailer for the Stranger Things live stage show has been unveiled. It confirms that it is a prequel focused on Vecna’s dark origin story.

The teaser trailer is available on the stage show’s official Twitter account. It includes the name of the prequel Stranger things: The First Shadow and Hawkins’s 1959 setting. The animated sequence shows Henry Creel, a teenager turning into Vecna in silhouette. Upside Down Pictures and Netflix confirmed that the show, which was then untitled, Stranger Thingsstage show was in development in July 2022. The announcement also included the confirmation of Stephen Daldry, The Crown‘s stage show director who worked from a script written by Kate Trefry.

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Stranger things The First Shadow is one of many initiatives created to preserve the franchise’s existence following the fifth and final seasons of the first Netflix series. Many fans have expressed the desire to watch Stranger Things continue beyond Season 5. However, some of the show’s core cast members aren’t in agreement. Finn Wolfhard, Mike Wheeler’s actor, said that it’s absurd to extend Stranger Things the story beyond the five seasons of the show in a recent interview. Wolfhard said that he believed that the series creators Matt and Ross Duffer would deliver “a perfect end” in Season five.

Stranger Things Stars Talk About the Future of the Show

Wolfhard’s co-star David Habour is also firmly for Stranger Things wrapping up after five seasons. Harbor the actor who is Jim Hopper on the Sci-Fi/Horror Show, has recently announced that it was now time for the show to end so that the Duffers could pursue new creative projects. He stated, “[I] want] the Duffer Brothers to try other ideas also.” “I believe that these guys are so talented. I’m excited to see what they do in the future. Harbour admitted that it will be “very bittersweet” to shoot Stranger ThingsSeason 5.

But, the Duffers will not leave Stranger Things entirely after the final episode of the series. The siblings already have an idea for a Stranger Thingsspinoff series and the concept which Wolfhard infamously guessed. In a recent interview, the actor recalls the Duffer’s reaction of panic after Wolfhard unwittingly predicted the future of the series. “They were thinking, “That is the idea for the spinoff.” Who did you tell who told you?’ I thought, “No one ‘…” and they replied, “Okay, well…don’t tell anyone.” Wolfhard replied.

Stranger Things: The First Shadowopens at the Phoenix Theater, London in the latter part of 2023.

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Gintama Anime Spinoff Announced with Fun Trailer Spoofing Spy x Family, More

The school year is back in full swing and Gintama is back with an anime adaptation of its light novel series to mark the 20th-anniversary celebrations.

As part of its 20th-anniversary celebrations, Gintama returns with a bang in the form of a brand new spinoff anime that includes hilarious spoof twists.

Announced at GintamaAto No Matsuri, Gintama will adapt the light novel series 3Nen Z-Gumi Ginpachi Sensei. starring Ginpachi as a teacher in the homeroom as well as his students from class 3Z. The anime adaptation of 3-Nen Z-Gumi Ginpachi Sensei which was created by Bandai Namco Pictures, is the first of many projects until 2026, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the show. While the light novel series composed by Tomohito Okasaki and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi ran from 2006 until 2013, and thus runs the risk of becoming outdated, Gintama is showing that it’s a show that can keep pace with the times.

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Gintama pays tribute to popular anime (including Gintama itself)

The trailer for the Gintama series’ 3-Nen Zemi Ginpachi Sensei parodies other anime shows like Spy x Family and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and even parodies the show itself. Gintoki played the roles of ikemen in Loid and Gojo in Spy x Family, and Shimura Shinpachi stuffed oranges to make Spy x Family’s Yor more luxurious and carried a katana in his palm to mock Jujutsu Kaisen Zero’s main character Yuta OKkotsu. Kagura reduced in size, however, she did not change her personality to become the 3-Nen Z-Gumi-Gumi-Sensei model of Anya from Spy x Family and Rika Orimoto the cursed spirit from Jujutsu Kaisen 0. Sadaharu was also a part of the Jujutsu Kaisen parody, as Panda.

Written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi. Gintamaserialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2003 to September 2018 before shifting to Jump Giga from December 2018 until February 2019. In June 2019, the series ended on the Gintama app. Gintama has sold more than 55 million copies by February 2018, garnered favorable reviews for its charming characters and comedy, and is well-loved. The show follows the adventures of three freelancers eccentric Samurai Gintoki Sakata who is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the anime adaptations, an aspirant Samurai called Shinpachi Shimura, voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi, and a teenage alien Kagura voiced by Rie Kugimiya.

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Gintama has a long animated past. Sunrise produced the first version. The show aired for four seasons before ending in March 2010. The follow-up, Gintama’, aired in April 2011 with 51 episodes. Gintama”: Enchosencontinues the sequel and was aired in April 2012. Gintama., Gintama. Gintama., and Gintama. Other series were released by Gintama between 2015 and 2018. Porori-hen, Gintama. Shirogane No Tamashii-hen. Three animated movies were made with the final one being Gintama: The Very Final.

Gintama is now available to stream on Crunchyroll and Hulu. 3 -Nen Z-Gumi Ginpachi Sensei is not yet been released in the wake of the publication.

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Pokemon Fan Creates Paradox Form for Jirachi

A Pokemon Scarlett and Violet player displays a Paradox form they made for the Gen 3 Mythical Pocket Monster Jirachi.

Pokémon fan shared the Paradox form they made for Jirachi. Many fans have created their own forms from existing creatures since Generation 9 introduced special forms for certain pocket monsters. Paradox Pokemon have been created from the wild imaginations and love of the franchise.

The Pokémon Jirachi is a Steel/Psychic Type that could only be obtained through special means. This pocket monster was featured in the sixth installment of the franchise’s movies. It also made a few appearances in the anime. According to legend, the creature can sleep for up to a thousand years and grant any wish it desires during the week it awakens. One Pokemon enthusiast decided to create their own Paradox form for Jirachi. This is a futuristic rendering of the pocket monster.

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Reddit user Ralminno_art shared his vision of what Jirachi might look like in a future form. The result was dubbed Iron Star by them and it is now an Electric/Steel Type. The Pokemon was also given the Compound Eyes ability which increases the pocket monster’s accuracy. Ralminno_art also provided some lore for Iron Star. It states that it was created by selfish humans and doesn’t grant wishes. However, it does cause destruction around those who attempt to command it.

Ralminno_art was meticulous when creating Iron Star. This retains a lot of Jirachi’s design and adds a few extra touches. The Pokemon’s star-shaped head and the yellow and white color palette are still used throughout its body. The streamers that run down its body and head are still present, but they are now made of holograms. Iron Star’s face has been replaced with LED panels. These panels feature bright blue eyes and a large open stomach. The small tear-like markings have been retained. This is a unique take on the Mythical Pokémon. It helps to show how older pocket monsters can find new life in Game Freak’s latest entries.

New Paradox forms will be required to appear, as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive new DLC late this year. Game Freak will be watching closely to see how they take the idea. There are so many options due to the number of Pokemon available. Game Freak could also use older Mythical Pocket Monsters in the same manner as Ralminno_art. This would allow veteran players to see these monsters in new ways and introduce them to a new generation.

Pokemon Scarlett and Violet are available for Nintendo Switch now

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Why Did Ash Choose Pikachu Over Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur? Pokémon Exec Explains

Kunihiko Yuyama, Pokemon’s executive director, explains how Ash started his journey with Pikachu and is not one of the Kanto Pokemon’s first-timers.

Pokemon Executive Director Kunihiko Yuyama finally gave a behind-the-scenes explanation of why Ash Ketchum, the anime’s protagonist, started his journey with Pikachu and not one of the three main Pokemon in Kanto.

Recently, Yuyama sat down to interview AnimediaMagazine. The interview was translated by Defender, a Serebii forum moderator. ” I think of Pikachu as a combination of strength, cuteness, and the ability to bring a few laughs,” Yuyama said. “By all accounts, I decided that the Pokemon which would become Ash’s companion would not be from the three available at the start of the game. I thought that could make some people sad. This is why the Pokemon he chose was a Pikachu, a decision I’m very happy with.”

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Following the initial launch in Japan in 1996 The Pokemon Red video games as well as blue were made available in North America in 1998. When you start a game, players can select one of three starter Pokemon that are fire-type Charmander, water-type Squirtle, or grass-type Bulbasaur. The Pokemon anime was first introduced in Japan in 1997 and made its debut in the West in 1998. In the anime, the main character Ash does not sleep on the day he is scheduled to receive his first starter from Professor Oak. When he gets there, Charmander and Squirtle are gone. Oak is pitiful to Ash and offers him the electric-type Pikachu instead. (That said, Ash would later add Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur to his team under different circumstances.)

Pikachu and Ash Changed the Game Literally

Interestingly enough, the popularity of Pokemon anime and Ash’s Pikachu specifically actually affected the first game series. In 1998, Pokemon Yellow was released in Japan as well, and then the game began coming to North America in 1999. Yellow takes place in the same place and is based on the same storyline as RED and Blue. Instead of being able to choose between Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur, players are automatically given Pikachu as their starter in Pokemon Yellow. The Pikachu in the game is akin to Ash’s Pikachu. He is a fan of moving beyond the boundaries of his Poke Ball and refuses the evolution into Raichu.

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Pikachu and Ash have become so popular that they have appeared in many iterations of Pokemon anime. But, with Ash becoming Pokemon World Champion in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys The Series successfully achieving his long-term goal to become a Pokemon master Ash and Pikachu are finally preparing to leave. Ultimate Journeys currently is wrapping up its run. A brand new Pokemon anime will follow the show, featuring two new characters: Liko (and Roy). It is set to debut in the year 2019 and is based on the latest Pokemon video games, Scarlet, and Violet.

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One Piece: Luffy’s Victory Over Katakuri and What It Means for His Future

In one of One Piece’s most controversial fights did Luffy’s victory truly gain or simply an instance of plot armor?

Throughout One Piece‘s over 1,000 chapters, Luffy faced numerous opponents with a variety of fighting styles and capabilities. Some of his opponents were simple to defeat, while others presented a greater threat. The fight he waged against Charlotte Katakuri (one of Big Mom’s many children) is still a hot topic today.

Katakuri was one of Luffy’s strongest opponents and was able to match him blow for blow thanks to the Mochi Mochi no Mi powers that allowed him to copy Luffy’s attacks similar to his Elephant Gun. Even though he was a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit Mochi Mochi no Mi, Katakuri was capable of turning his body into mochi, similar to the ability of Logia. How did Luffy beat this formidable foe?

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How did Luffy defeat Katakuri?

Luffy and Katakuri had a few scuffles in the wedding ceremony between Pudding and Sanji and then the escape, but their main fight would take place on the deck of the Thousand Sunny in Chapter 878 (Episode 850 in the anime) following the time that Pedro committed suicide. Katakuri had escaped the ship using Brulee’s ability to travel through mirrors and was waiting to see their return.

Katakuri tried to stop the group while they were preparing for their flight escape. But, Luffy was able to drag Katakuri into the Mirro-World so that his fellows could be able to finish their escape plan. Luffy cut the mirror to stop Katakuri and his crew from returning to the Thousand Sunny. This was the place where the two would go head-to-head in their first big combat.

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Luffy’s Endurance Granted Him Victory Over Katakuri

Luffy and Katakuri traded fights, with Katakuri gaining the upper hand for the majority of the battle. It was due to Luffy having his Devil Fruit powers awakened. Luffy struggled to keep his head up and even had to take a break for his Haki to replenish. After several rounds and some interference by Charlotte Flampe, both players were on the same footing. Luffy was able to discern movement using the Color of Observation Haki. Katakuri hurt himself the same way he hurt Luffy when he shot Luffy with a needle. They unleashed the supreme King Haki and began to trade blows again. In the end, Luffy was the last remaining after Katakuri was shattered.

Luffy’s win seems to be an outcome of a couple of. One possibility is that Katakuri ate his food and could not regain his energy. Katakuri stated in one panel that sugar was the main source of his strength. He was already in a hurry for his meal and couldn’t finish it, which means he wouldn’t have been able to recharge his energy levels to full. It’s also possible that he stabbed himself in the abdomen to compensate for Flampe’s mistake which resulted in a serious injury.

Fighting with an injury like that would most likely affect him, especially when he isn’t injured frequently and in such a severe way. Luffy is constantly injured and has learned how to deal with it while Katakuri employed her observation haki to be able to anticipate and avoid attacks by using mochi. You may also become exhausted. Or, it could be luck or plot armor that allowed Luffy to prevail.

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Are Luffy and Katakuri capable of fighting again?

Are there any chances that Luffy and Katakuri ever face off ever again? What would happen should Luffy and Katakuri face off again? Based on the possibility that Katakuri wants a fair fight against Luffy in which none one of his siblings gets involved (despite Luffy’s claims that fighting dirty among pirates isn’t possible) is it likely that another stretchy-men battle could be fought? Luffy has improved his abilities and power since their first row. The chance to fight Luffy once more could be a chance to prove how far he’s come since his first fight. Katakuri has likely been working hard to get ready for a fight. They share mutual respect and a fair contest is a good idea.

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One Piece Would Have Been Very Different if Shanks Let Luffy Join His Crew

Before Luffy founded the Straw Hat Pirates he was determined to join the Red Hair Pirates. What would have happened to One Piece?

One Piece follows the adventures and founding of the Straw Hat Pirates led by Emperor Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy wanted to become a pirate since he was young. As the Red Hair Pirates establish Cocoyashi Village as their headquarters, Luffy bonds with Shanks. Luffy is so impressed by the pirates that he repeatedly requests to join them. Shanks doesn’t like taking children on dangerous journeys. However, that doesn’t stop Luffy from pestering him. But, if Shanks would allow Luffy to join his crew, the world of One Piece would be very different.

Red Hair Pirates is one the most notorious pirate groups in One Piece. It is, after all, the pirate crew of one of the Four Emperors. The Red Hair Pirates were already well-known in Grand Line and New World when Luffy met Shanks. Their voyage would be undoubtedly different from the one taken by the Straw Hat Pirates if Luffy were to join them on their adventures. This would also alter One Piece as viewers know it. Assuming Luffy stayed with the Red Hair Pirates until the end.

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The Straw Hat Pirates’ Fates Are Most Miserable

Luffy is more than just the Straw Hat Pirates leader. Luffy starts his pirate adventures with no crewmates. only recruits his companions along his journey. However, his recruitment is more complicated than simply posting an advertisement. His recruitment is not as simple as posting a public advertisement. He gets up close to his crewmates and has a huge impact on their lives. Luffy’s recruitment process usually follows a specific sequence. He extends an invite, helps the new character, and then he re-extends the crew invitation. However, he may skip the first step altogether and go straight to saving. If Luffy had joined the Red Hair Pirates in his early years, the rest of the Straw Hats might have ended up with unhappy endings.

This is true for most Straw Hats. Nami wouldn’t have been able to come with Luffy if Nami hadn’t. Her entire village would have faced the Arlong Pirates and would have died. Similar to Captain Kuro’s clever ploy, it would have been possible without Luffy and his co. Brook would have been drifting endlessly in the waters of the Florian Triangle, and the Baratie would most likely have died as Don Krieg’s ship. There’s a chance Zoro would have fallen from Helmeppo and Jimbei would still be at Impel Down. Robin and Franky would have probably been the only crew members to enjoy relatively happy fates. Crocodile would probably keep Robin able to decipher other Poneglyphs while Franky would remain a ruffian in Water 7, assuming that the World Government did not track him down.

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Major Forces on the Seas Would Largely Remain the SAME

It is an understatement to say that the Straw Hat Pirates have caused chaos in the One Piece world. They are responsible for many shifts in the power balance of the major forces ruling the seas. Luffy and his gang have been taking out Warlords since the beginning of the series. Crocodile, his Baroque Works, and Crocodile are the first victims of the Straw Hats’ meddling. Luffy and his comrades then take down Gecko Moraia and Donquixote Dflamingo. They don’t stop at the Warlords. The Straw Hats take down Emperors as they sail into New World. They not only escape Big Mom’s Whole Cake Island but also take Kaido down in Wano Country.

None of this would have been possible if Luffy had not joined the Red Hair Pirates at the beginning of the story. The Warlords wouldn’t have a longer reign without the intervention of the Straw Hat Pirates. Crocodile and Moria would continue to do their bidding and, even if the World Government decides to abolish the system, they will still be able to defend themselves. Although Blackbeard’s rise as an Emperor is unavoidable, Kaido (and Big Mom) would still be fighting for the title of Pirate King if it wasn’t for Luffy. Law and Kid are unlikely to beat the Emperors. They would be either killed or taken under Big Mom’s or Kaido’s orders, just like the rest of the Worst Generation.

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Shanks would be the most likely candidate to become the Pirate King

Luffy usually level-ups during fights or when he is saving his comrades. After many life-and-death battles, he can attain his current level. He wouldn’t have the same experience in battles with the Red Hair Pirates if he joined them early. But that doesn’t mean Luffy is any less powerful. He would have been able to learn from Shanks if he joined the Red Hair Pirates as a young man.

The fact that Luffy is a Red Hair Pirate would not change the fact the Devil Fruit Luffy has, Model: Nika, means it’s only a matter of time before Luffy will awaken its powers. His Awakening could have occurred earlier than the current timeline, however, as Luffy would have joined Red Hair Pirates when he was a child. Shanks would be the most likely candidate to be the Pirate King if he had another Emperor-level pirate working for him. They could only be stopped by alliances between the Emperors and the entire Marine force.

Luffy, being a member of the Red Hair Pirates would also be in a strong position for making valuable alliances. Shanks would already have accepted Luffy as a member of his pirate crew, so he would likely keep doing so, even though it’s only to have Luffy around. Luffy could form and lead his brigade under the Red Hair Pirates’ Jolly Roger, much like Ace was the Whitebeard Pirates’ second-division commander.

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Harry Potter’s Wand Cores: Their Significance and Powers

Harry Potter depicts elements of magical creatures that imbue wands with magical powers. But, they can have very distinct effects.

For a young wizard or a witch, there are few things more important than getting their first wand. It doesn’t matter where the wizard gets their first wand, it can often be at Ollivanders in America or any of the other wand-makers on the continent. While the material the wand was made from is important it is not the core that determines its magical properties or imbues the ability to cast spells.

These cores may be made from many materials (there are at least 20 in the Harry Potter lore), however, they must be obtained from an object or magical creature. Some cores excel at particular types of magic while others stand out in the crowd, such as Phoenix Feather and Unicorn Hair.

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Phoenix Feather Core Wands Can Be Difficult To Master

Phoenix feather cores look like they can do the most amazing feats and range of magic. This same phoenix provided the Core for Harry Potter’s wands. It is also the pickiest of all cores. It often goes through many potential partners before it chooses one.

Dragon Heartstrings Can Perform Great feats of Magic

The Harry Potter books feature the Dragon Heartstring center most often. It is responsible for many of the wands that are used by Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, and Lucius Malfoy. Heartstring cores are capable and able to cast the most powerful of spells. However, they can easily be persuaded to change their allegiances when the opportunity presents itself. It was also the strongest core and most capable of performing acts of dark magic during times when there is a struggle.

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Surprisingly, Unicorn hair wands often lack the necessary ingredients

Unicorn Hair Wands are, unsurprisingly considering where they came from, the polar opposite of Dragon Heartstring. While they aren’t as powerful as other magic, they are known for their reliability and purity, making it difficult to channel the dark arts. Remus Lupin’s wands and Quirinus Quirrell’s wands are where they can be found. However, because they lack the potential to cast magical spells, they are most susceptible to “wilt” (or lose the ability to cast it).

Only a small group of people can master Thestral Tail hair Cores

Thestral Tail Hair cores have a unique appearance in Harry Potter. They can often be considered dangerous materials for creating wands. The Elder Wand, used by Antioch Peverell is the most notable example. It’s a powerful but complicated wand structure that can be difficult to master. Only witches and wizards could accept the idea that death exists. This is because only those who have seen death first-hand can see Thestrals.

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Basilisk Horn, We know of only one time that it was used.

Basilisk Horn cores have never been seen before in Harry Potter. It is believed to be the core of Salazar Slytherin’s wand. But its properties are not known. Slytherin’s wand had an unusual ability to go to sleep upon being instructed. Slytherin was the last to inherit the wand, and it was eventually passed on to his descendants. It was stolen from them and ended up at Ilvermorny School near the time of its establishment. It eventually became unstable and was buried on the school’s grounds.

Thunderbird Feather Cores Can Make Their Wands Sentient

Thunderbird Feather cores were developed by the American wizard Shikoba Wolf. Although they were difficult to master once more, they were remarkably sentient and were known to cast curses before supernatural dangers and their enemies. Additionally, they proved particularly effective in the casting of transfiguration-based magic. Although limited information is available on the uses of wands with this core, it was known Holly Blackbird used this type of wand and passed it down to her family as an important family heirloom.

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Unpacking Minato’s Sage Mode: Why It’s Not a Contradiction in Naruto Lore

Minato’s Sage Mode is a topic that has been controversial among fans because of its many plot holes. It’s not a bad idea, though.

Naruto is a shonen masterpiece, but there are still many plot holes. One of these plot holes is Minato’s ability, during wartime, to use Sage Mode despite not having been trained in Mount Myoboku. Minato, despite the dangers to his family, doesn’t activate his ability. He then dies shortly thereafter. Minato did not use Sage Mode while fighting Obito and Kurama. However, he knew that Sage Mode would increase his chances to win the battle. Sage Mode is complex and takes years to perfect, so Minato cannot imagine spending too much time on Mount Myoboku for his studies or fighting in the ongoing war.

Minato’s death is tragic. However, he uses Sage Mode flawlessly during the Fourth Great Ninja War. That is something Jiraya cannot do. Despite much confusion about this plot development, there is a plausible reason Minato could use Sage Mode. Minato did not master this ability when he was alive. However, the story is different in Minato’s newly reanimated state.

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What is Minato’s Sage Mode?

Minato can use Senjutsu or Sage Jutsu from Mount Myoboku due to his large chakra reserve. Further enhancing his skills, Minato can enter Sage Mode. Due to his control over the chakra, Minato is able to display the orange pigmentation in his eyes and give the impression of a Sage during the war. Minato, however, admits that his ability to use Sage Jutsu is limited because it takes too long for him to build up enough chakra to enter Sage Mode. He is also unable to maintain the form for too much time.

Why Does Minato Not Use Sage Mode to Defend Obito and Kurama

Minato, as a Hokage husband and father, is caught in a quandary after Minato’s devastating attack on Leaf Village. Minato has to defend the village from the Nine-Tailed Beast. He also has to protect his son and wife, who are direct targets of Obito (a masked man). Even though he’s already at death’s door, he gets separated from Kushina the defenseless Kushina. Minato doesn’t have enough time for his chakra to balance in Sage Mode. Minato’s shoes would rather not drag the fight out too long and instead, they would want to resolve everything as quickly as they can. Minato would’ve defeated Obito but for Hashirama’s cells, which are found within Obito’s body.

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What makes Minato capable of using Perfect Sage Mode in war?

Minato is reanimated as a sacrifice with White Zetsu in the Fourth Great Ninja War. White Zetsu possesses Hashirama’s cells. It immediately grants Minato Vitality and a few Hokage’s abilities. Madara can only use Sage Jutsu after having absorbed the cells and chakra of Hashirama, despite not being able to practice Sage Mode. Minato’s successful Reanimation Jutsu makes him a mere mortal. He transcends every boundary of his body, even his inability to enter Sage Mode efficiently, after which he is no longer a mere mortal.

Minato’s new body has many benefits, but Minato still finds it hard to maintain Sage Mode in such a prolonged battle. His earlier statement is true. Sage Mode is the only way to seriously injure Madara & Obito when they’re in ten-tail Jinchuuriki. Minato appears more like Jiraya than Jiraya in Sage Mode. This is due to the Hashirama cells and reanimation. But it is evident in the battle that Sage Mode isn’t something Minato excels in like Naruto or Hashirama.

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Director James Gunn Reportedly Tapped for Superman: Legacy Film

In a new interview, DC Comics writer Tom King discusses James Gunn’s role as director of Superman: Legacy.

James Gunn may be behind the camera, directing Superman once the script is complete.

In a YouTube interview now private, DC Comic Book writer Tom King described Gunn both as the writer and director of the Superman feature. King said, “There’s stuff that I can talk to, and stuff that I can’t,” when discussing DC Studios’ creative committee. James Gunn (I mean, I mean, he’s a super nerd, and he is super creative) He’s the Superman movie director and writer. Peter Safran is kind of the creative force behind this. He reached out to a group, including me, a great, amazing screenwriter, to help him make the movies and TV series as good as they can be.

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Gunn stated that work on Superman: Legacy began around mid-2022. Warner Bros. While the script was initially written by Discovery, it was not officially released until December 2022. According to reports, the film follows Clark Kent’s early days at Daily Planet. Although Gunn is confirmed to be the writer of the film, Gunn reportedly wasn’t sure if the director would be.

A new Superman takes to the skies

Details about Superman’s Legacy have not been released. However, Gunn’s version of Man of Steel (whom he refers to as “a big, ol’ gait”) is thought to be loosely inspired by Grant Morrison’s fan-favorite All-Star Superman. Gunn said that Superman. Legacy does not directly adapt Morrison’s work. He denounced the rumors that Superman would have a son in his movie, as well as those who believed the Big Blue Scout would be around the age of 25. Gunn said in February, “It keeps on getting repeated but it never happened to me.” “It was all I said about Superman being younger than he was in the forties, and Batman may be a couple of years older than Superman,” Gunn stated.

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Warner Bros. recently also revealed that DC Studios boss James Gunn-Superman-legacy-dc–studios/ had been awarded Superman by Discovery. Discovery had offered Superman to him before but he decided instead to tackle Suicide Squad. “A few more years later, [and] saw how to tackle Superman [and] did it,” he stated. The Man of Steel may not be the only Kryptonian who is ready to join the new DCU. Gunn, his team, and Kara Zor El are currently working on Supergirl. It is based on King’s comic book storyline. Woman of Tomorrow was not released. Also, it is unknown if Flash‘s Sasha Calle can reprise the role for the new solo film.

Superman Legacy opens in theaters on July 11, 2020.

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