The Last of Us Fans Are Losing It Over This Bloody-Accurate Cosplay

Fans of The Last of Us can’t get over this hyper-accurate cosplay of Ellie -so exact actually, a lot of people debated whether it was a real-life image or not.

A cosplayer recreated a shot taken from The Last of Us Part IIso well, it’s made gamers stunned at the quality and horrified to realize it isn’t a screenshot.

Cosplayer and The Last of Usfan Sandra Miller (@SandraMillrr) posted the image to her Twitter account and immediately was flooded with stunned people who shared their thoughts on the picture. Miller dressed in the character of Ellie is seated with a gun, poised to fire. The cosplay image is titled “Talk.” it is a reference to the scenario it recreates, when Ellie is snatched by Rattlers and escapes while following Abby to Santa Barbara.

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Most fans expressed awe at the precision of the shot. However, some noted that Ellie seemed to be apathetic towards the act of killing in the game, while the shot depicts her with an intense gaze. Miller explained her choice in the picture, sharing an image from the scene that she was referring to. “You’re correct, she appears at peace when she kills that man,” she said. It gives me chills…However when she first gets him to speak, she frowns her eyebrows which I tried to replicate.

The Last of Usis an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and released by Sony. In the game, the United States is plagued by post-apocalyptic creatures, and survivors are struggling to adapt. The game follows Joel who’s a smuggler and Ellie, an adolescent, as he tries to move her across the nation as he battles numerous horrors. The players will have to utilize stealth, guns and improvised weaponry to fight off hostile humans and cannibalistic zombies that are infected by a mysterious fungus. The Last of Us Part II is about Ellie seeking revenge on an unknown woman called Abby.

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Recent reports suggest there is a remake for modern consoles, as well as a multi-player option for The Last of Us Part II. A multiplayer mode The multiplayer optionfor The Last of Us Part II is believed to be in development for some time, though there isn’t much information about the project. In January, renowned video game leaker Tom Henderson revealed that both The Last of Usremake and the multiplayer mode for Part IIwere close to being completed, according to multiple sources.

Anyone interested in learning more about Ellie’s story can find both The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part IIon the PlayStation 4.

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