League of Legends Admirer Impresses with Remarkable Jinx Cosplay

This fan’s cosplay of League of Legends laughing anarchist Jinx is so intricate that not even Piltover and his army of wardens can stop it.

One fan has designed an image of a gun toting Jinx in League of Legends.

Eleanor Barnes, a cosplayer from the United Kingdom painted the town in an outfit that was inspired by The Loose Cannon in the animated spin-off Arcane. Particularly Jinx’s blue cloud tattoos were reproduced, and kept in a meticulous manner and Barnes even commenting she had trouble scrubbing the material off.

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In 2013, Jinx first came to the forefront, Jinx quickly became one of the most adored champions in League of Legends for her manic grin and vast armory of explosives. The minigun-wielding marksman was featured in everything from her personal music video to dedicated short stories designed to flesh out the cities of Piltover and Zaun. In the last few years she was among the main characters in Arcane, a series pioneering Riot’s expansion into television media. The show drew attention on Jinx’s background, revealing the events that changed Vi’s soft-spoken sister Powder into the violently impulsive criminal from the source material.

“She was not born a super sexy sociopath. Ella Purnell, Jinx’s voice actress, said that this didn’t happen. The character she has become due to the trauma she experienced. I believe that watching Powder at the start of the season is helpful in setting that background for the audience.” Purnell stated that Jinx’s wild, impulsive energy was one the most fascinating aspects of her character. She spoke about the way she switched from brattiness to spontaneity.

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Christian Linke, the executive producer of Arcane was also of the opinion that Jinx and Vi’s complex relationship is a fantastic starting point for League of Legends’s epic mythos. He said this relationship could be utilized without the need to overwhelm newcomers. This was a result of the creative team’s efforts to build a memorable platform for discussion for all followers of the world of Runterra and its characters, as well as veterans who have been loyal to the IP and all the animations that came before it.

In the wake of Arcane‘s huge success, Riot Games discussed a possibility of a live-action show to be developed for League of Legends. Riot Global President of Entertainment Shauna Spenley announced the company’s plans to experiment with other forms of entertainment media. She claimed Riot “was simply testing the waters of television and film content for now.”

League of Legends is a no-cost MOBA that you can play on PC. Netflix is the only place to stream the animated spin-off series Arcane.

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