Dragon Ball Fan Emulates Master Roshi’s Wicked Charm in Cost-effective Cosplay

The Dragon Ball fan’s clever thrift shop-inspired cosplay brings the classic anime’s iconic lecherous master to life, a bushy brow and all.

A Dragon Ball enthusiast made a fitting tribute to the lecherous Sage from the anime.

Candid_Clown’s Reddit post showcases his creative Master Roshi cosplay. It shows the more violent side of the old-fashioned teacher. The costume was made from parts from a thrift store as per the Reddit post. This helped to create Roshi’s ever-outdated fashion sense. The bushy white eyebrows and flowing beard tie the outfit together, achieving the signature appearance of a 430-year-old who thinks he’s the ultimate model.

Vegeta and Trunks mix into cool fan art created by former Riot Games artist

Master Roshi’s Anime Appearance

Dragon Ball was launched in 1984 by Akira Toriyama’s first manga, which was published in Shonen Jump for more than a decade. In 1986, the manga was transformed into an anime that ran for 153 seasons and introduced characters like Goku as well as Master Roshi. Roshi first was seen in the anime’s “Emperor Pilaf Saga” before going on to become the master of characters such as Goku, Krillin, and Gohan, showing his perverted behavior in the initial arc of the series when he gave one of the rare and extremely powerful “Dragon Balls” to Goku’s mate Bulma to see her underwear.

Master Roshi was among the earliest and most prominent of the many perverted male characters to appear in popular animated shows. This sexist trope is present in the world of anime. From Naruto’s Jiraiya to Chainsaw Man’s Denji the genre has often made light of sexual machismo, ranging back to the antics of characters like Master Roshi, who are frequently depicted as snooping on women or making sexual advances played for comedy. This style of storytelling, in conjunction with the often unsatisfactory portrayal of women in anime continues to be an issue in the genre, nearly 20 years after Master Roshi’s debut however there are some exceptions that suggest that the genre may be turning a corner.

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Despite its problematic elements, Dragon Ballhas been among the most influential and well-loved manga and anime series of all time. The fans are still asking for more 2018 closing of the most recent sequel Dragon Ball Super. Although there’s been no announcement regarding the future of the show in the near future, the Dragon Ball Super manga is still available on V Jump, with North American distribution coming from Viz Media. In 2022 the franchise released a movie titled Dragon Ball Super : Super Her or. It’s available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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