A Superhero Mashup: Epic Cyclops Cosplay Reimagines the X-Man as DC’s Caped Crusader

Instagram user Adrian D., (@cosplayorbust) has transformed X-Men Cyclops/Scott Summers leader into DC’s Dark Knight.

In a truly incredible Cosplay, DC’s Batman joined forces with Marvel’s Cyclops to create “Cybat.”

Posted onto Instagram by user Adrian D. (@cosplayorbust) and with photography by BC Photography (@bryantcoxphotography), the “Cybat” cosplay reinvents DC’s Dark Knight as one of the founding members of Marvel’s X-Men, Cyclops. “With incredible powers comes great responsibility,” the caption reads.

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The Instagram video also features the XMen: The Animated Series song, as well as displaying the iconic features of DC’s Batsuit, Cyclops visor mask and glowing eyes. Adrian D. has posted numerous other Batman cosplay images and videos in the past, including additional views of the “Cybat” hybrid character.

Cyclops and Batman’s Most Recent Marvel and DC Adventures

The comic was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby The character first came to prominence in 1963’s X-Men#1. A longtime leader and member of the titular team, Cyclops’ world has been turned upside down after he and everyone else living on Krakoa have been controlled by Mister Sinister in Sins of Sinister. The primary subject of the film was Mister Sinister, but Cyclops, and a few other X-Men, also have been seen on a regular basis.

Bruce Wayne, created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger in 1939, made its debut in Detective Comics#27. Batman is a part of DC’s core trio alongside Superman and Wonder Woman, and a regular member of Justice League is one of the most recognizable and well-known superheroes.

DCU Cosplayer Reimagines Entire Justice League as High Fashion

Batman’s comics that are solo have recently placed Bruce in a completely different variant of Gotham City after a battle with Failsafe the robot villain. In Batman#133 (by Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthrone, Adriano Di Benedetto, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles), Bruce met an alternate version of the Riddler who wears red attire and tattooed a question mark to his face. He also fought Venom-addicted Harvey Dent/Two-Face and was thrown into caves beneath the city, which Selina Kyle/Catwoman refers to as “Arkham.” Tim Drake/Robin witnessed Bruce’s sudden disappearance when they were fighting Failsafe together and is now attempting his own to track down and rescue Bruce from the Dark Knight.

Batman’s other major DC series, Detective Comics is a series that pits Batman and the Dark Knight against a sinister family called the Orghams. The Orghams plan to build Gotham City are not fully publicized, however they have released demons called Azmer. Talia al Ghul and Mister Freeze also have prominent roles in Ram V’s series. Two-Face, who recently revealed Batman’s secret identity is a different character that plays a major role in the series.

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