Cool and Confident: Chainsaw Man Fan Nails Himeno’s Personality in Cosplay

Devil Hunter for the Public Safety Division Himeno is made real in an amazing Chainsaw Man cosplay that embodies both coolness and swagger.

A creative Chainsaw Man fan has fabricated an amazing cosplay character of the owner of the Ghost Devil Contract.

The costume was made and posted to Reddit on behalf of the popular cosplayer Kerocchi. It is adorned with Himeno’s iconic eyepiece and a stylish black suit. The low angle of the photo and the inclusion of an eyepatch as well as cigarettes, which are delicately balanced on two fingers, communicate an overall attitude of style and elegance.

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Chainsaw Man Fans’ Amazing Cosplay

Himeno’s not the only Chainsaw Man character to inspire some impressive cosplay in recent times. For example, another costume maker extraordinaire posted an authentic manga rendition of Reze which focuses on the Bomb Girl’s vivid green eyes. Moreover, the cosplay iconic Grayson Finn showed off his renditions of Kishibe, the captain of the Tokyo Special Division 4. The character is shown in two variations one of which has smoking cigarettes and the other with a bleeding blade. Both are adorned with Kishibe’s distinctive facial scar.

Tatsuki Fujimo’s Chainsaw Manmanga debuted in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump in December 2018 and was later moved to Shonen Jump+ 2020 where it will continue to be serialized. The story centers around Denji. A young, who is extremely poor is forced to take on dangerous jobs to pay back the massive debt. However, after his gangster bosses betray him, Denji finds himself recruited by a corrupt government agency. Denji as a member of the Public Safety Division works with other Devil Hunters such as Himeno. He makes use of his unique ability to transform his limbs into chainsaws in the pursuit of monsters.

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Chainsaw Man tops NYT bestsellers list

Even though Chainsaw Man premiered relatively recently, Fujimoto’s series already ranks alongside classics such as Hiro Mashima’s Rave Master and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s Neon Genesis Evangelion as one of the best-selling manga ever with over 23 million copies in circulation across the world. The series also took home the Best Manga category at the Harvey Awards in both 2021 and 2022. It also was featured in the NYT Bestsellers list numerous times.

The first season of Chainsaw Man by studio MAPPA, (Jujutsu Kaisen) aired from October 2022 until December 2022. It stars Kikunosuke Toya as Denji as well as Mariya Ise (Fairy Tail) as Himeno, Shogo Sakata (Fire Force) as Aki, Tomori Kusunoki (The Misfit at Demon King Academy) as Makima, and Fairouz (Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is difficult for mobs) as Power. It is not clear at this time if Chainsaw Man will get a second season because of ‘s home video release was a failure.

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