Mall Madness: Chainsaw Man and Katana Man Unite as Pals in Playful Cosplay

Cosplayers from Chainsaw Man or Katana Man post photos of themselves as a duo, as they shop at a local shopping mall and stop at Mcdonald’s.

Cosplayer Josozi joined Chainsaw Man and Katana Man on a friendly outing to the mall to celebrate the anime’s season finale.

Reddit images depict the hybrids of the devil and humans pretending to be best friends as they enjoy the sights of D-mop outlets and McDonald’s. The pair are joined by cosplayers who are dressed as characters from the show including Aki Makima and Aki, complete with their famous topknot and yellow contacts as well as yellow contacts. Jasozi revealed in the blog post that the majority of Chainsaw Man’s outfit was made from PVC pipes as well as other objects, and the head has a blade that can be detached with a small speaker to produce that iconic chainsaw roar.

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Jasozi posted the photos on the same day that the Chainsaw Man anime dropped its season finale, titled “KATANA Vs. CHAINSAW.” The episode ended the manga’s “Katana Man” arc” featuring the main character Denji having a rematch with the main antagonist. Despite the positive reception from fans and positive reviews by critics, MAPPA has yet to announce a second season. Its popularity and faithfulness to the manga have earned it on CBR’s list of top 2022 anime. There’s plenty of stories for the studio to cover in future episodes, including the manga from Tatsuki Fujimoto currently in its 12th volume as of the moment of the writing.

Chainsaw Man’s popularity has led to a wealth of cosplay. Jasozi is among several artists who have assumed the character of the beloved. Some of these include Cavin Creations’ horrifying Chainsaw Man cosplay, which included three fully functioning blades. Low-Cost Cosplay also shared his cute Pochita costume that even caught the interest of Shihei Lin, the editor of Chainsaw Man.

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Chainsaw Man is about Denji, an anti-hero who receives Pochita’s heart from his Chainsaw Devil dog Pochita. His deceased father’s mafia debt left him in the trash. With the ability to transform into the terrifying Chainsaw Man, Denji strives to lead a normal life while hunting devils for the Japanese government’s Public Safety division. It’s not as easy as was expected when devil hunters like Katana Man come looking for the Chainsaw Devil’s heart, which puts Denji in the crossfire.

Crunchyroll offers the first season of Chainsaw Man available to stream. The manga is distributed across North America by VIZ Media.

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