Ashley Graham Takes the Resident Evil 4 Remake by Storm as the Fearless President’s Daughter

Ashley Graham from the Resident Evil 4 Remake is brought to life in this stunning cosplay created by the official body model.

Ashley Graham, the body capture model from Resident Evil 4 Remake transforms into the character of the game in this incredible cosplay.

Peach Milky is Sophie’s internet name. She uploaded a picture of herself as Ashley to her Twitter account. She wrote, “The Resident Evil 4 Remapping was released today.” “Now I can tell you that I am the BODY capture model for Ashley Graham!! It’s a great feeling to be an insignificant part of something that means so much! I’m eager to play it for the first time myself.”

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To make it clear To be clear, the Milky character was used as a reference to draw Ashley in her typical attire and DLC clothes. This is different from a motion capture actor, who performs the actions of the character for the development of a game. Ashley’s character’s face is, however, inspired by Dutch Instagram model Ella Freya. But, Resident Evil players are applauding Milky for her “beautiful” cosplay of Ashley and thanking her for her important contribution to the game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Updates the Series”The Most Re-Prized Game

In Resident Evil 4, U.S. government agent Leon Scott Kennedy is sent to Spain to rescue Ashley from a mysterious cult that goes by the name of Los Iluminados (“The Enlightened Ones”). Leon’s task is to save the daughter of the president. But, he winds in a village that is not known to him that is where the Las Plaga mind-controlling parasite transformed the farmers into zombie-like beings. These horrifying events are part of the plot to destroy the world as the players discover.

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Resident Evil 4 original version was released on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2005. It was then ported to other platforms several years later. The Resident Evil 4 Remake, like previous remakes within the Resident Evil series, adapts the classic survival horror title to the latest standards while staying true to the source material. While the RE4 Remake makes modifications from the original, the majority of reviews say that it retains the same elements that make it the series’ most popular entry.

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