Who Are the Missing Characters in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4? Here Are 5 Suggestions

The Budokai Tenkaichi series is known for its huge roster of characters, and players are hopeful that some of their favorite characters will join the fray.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi4 is the most anticipated Dragon Ball game in many years. The Budokai series is adored by its fans due to its easy-to-pick-up gameplay mechanics and its depth as a fighting game. This is why the nostalgia factor popped up hugely for Dragon Ball fighting game enthusiasts during the Dragon Ball Fighter Z World Championship when Bandai Namco screened a surprise trailer that announced the fact that Budokai Tenkaichi 4 was officially on the way. Although there was no gameplay footage, players have speculated on the characters it will be able to include as well as who they’ll be playing.

While the sheer quantity of Dragon Ball fighting games has rendered them somewhat difficult to predict, Budokai is an extremely consistent series that has only grown more popular over time. The Budokai series features many characters. Budokai Tenkaichi boasts 161 characters. Budokai has never been successful in implementing DLC which makes it more likely that the newest installment features a lot of characters. Fans are looking forward to seeing new characters as well as story arcs within the Dragon Ball universe, given everything that has occurred in the past few years since the previous Budokai.

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Frieza is a formidable challenger in his black form

As a sign of the popularity of his character, Frieza was the character who had the third largest number of individual characters in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and was only surpassed by Goku and Vegeta. Frieza is, once again, the most powerful villain Vegeta and Goku have ever encountered in the Dragon Ball Super manga. The alien warrior in Frieza Black was seen slamming Goku and Vegeta in one blow. This is a demonstration of his immense power since the Tournament of Power.

The new Black Frieza model has never been shown in full-motion animation before. Fans would love to play the role of Frieza Black in Budokai Tenkaichi. Based on his manga character, Frieza Black is the most formidable player in the game.

Future Trunks Rage form takes the character to a whole new level

Future Trunks’ Super Saiyan Rage Form was one the most intriguing, and controversial power creeps of Dragon Ball Super. After Vegeta and Goku failed to defeat Zamatsu on their own, the fate of the entire universe was in the hands of Future Trunks. He took the initiative to ascend to a new Super Saiyan level that even Trunks could not have imagined. In his Rage Form, Trunks takes on a distinct look that isn’t that different from the Legendary Super Saiyan form of Broly — minus the green hair. This form was previously used in Dragon Ball by Dragon Ball fan’s mods. This is proof that it’s popular already among Dragon Ball fans.

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Granola has unique powers that Make it stand out in Dragon Ball

The story of Granolah in Dragon Ball Super isn’t yet translated into the anime However, that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a fan-favorite character from the series already. In the manga Granolah is the final living member of the Cerealian people: A race eliminated by the Saiyans. Granola, in response, made a wish for Dragon Balls to become the most powerful warrior in the universe. This would enable him to exact revenge on the Saiyans.

Granola has some great moves that will make him a formidable fighter in Budokai Tenkaichi 4. The Light Beam Bow and Arrow could be employed to attack from a distance and is different from other beam-based moves that are featured in Dragon Ball. Telekinesis allows him to lift large objects and throw them at his enemies.

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His Super Saiyan Form Could Make Hercule an Enormous Inclusion

Hercule’s Super Saiyan appearance was revealed in a gag from the Dragon Ball Super anime. Needless to say, the episode was so popular that Super Saiyan Hercule forever became an actual thing. It even made its way into Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. But, Hercule was a laughably bad character in Xenoverse 2, and the champ deserves a better appearance in the most recent game in the series. The most well-known characters such as Beast Gohan and Golden Piccolo, are almost certain to be added to Budokai Tenkaichi‘s roster of characters. But Hercule’s Super Saiyan form will likely be left out. While he’s certainly one of the least popular characters from Dragon Ball, video games are about bringing fantasy to life and Super Saiyan Hercule is the best example of that.

Goten and Trunks could work together to Be the Great Saiyamen

Dragon Ball Super’s Trunks and Goten play a key role in the upcoming Great Saiyamen Duo. They follow in the footsteps of Gohan. Both teen Saiyans heavily draw inspiration from Clean God and model many of their mannerisms and movements on him. As a result, Trunks and Goten’s quirky character traits and Clean God-inspired characters could be great alternate characters in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4. Alternatively, having them join together as a duo team with one hopping in as an extra player for certain moves could also add an enjoyable variation to the game’s standard game’s formula.

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