Voldemort’s Transformation: How He Lost His Human Features and Gained a Snake in Harry Potter

Although the Heir to Slytherin was the most frightening villain of Harry Potter in the Wizarding World, that is not the reason Voldemort appears to be a snake.

It’s crucial to be aware of the ongoing controversial statements by the creator of the Harry Potter franchise. CBR helps industry professionals who are working on Harry Potter properties that they love as well as the larger Harry Potter world that Harry Potter fans have embraced. You can find CBR’s continuing coverage of Rowling here.

Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort, among the most well-known villains in the world of contemporary fiction, is from the Harry Potter series. He’s cold, cruel, and terrifying. His distinct face distinguishes him from other fantasy villains. It’s one thing to be pure evil, but it’s an entirely different thing to look similar to it. It’s not clear the reason Voldemort appears to be a snake.

Tom Riddle’s appearance changes dramatically over time and yet Tom himself never explains the reason. In the Harry Potter novels, Albus Dumbledore sheds some insight into the mystery. He states that Voldemort was becoming less human throughout the years, and his physical appearance was a reflection of the torture his soul was required to endure to make seven Horcruxes.

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Voldemort looks like a snake due to the Most Forbidden Act

It’s explained in both the Harry Potter movie adaptations as well as in the books that, to build Horcrux Horcrux, one must split one’s soul with the most brutal method — by way of murder. Tom would have wanted to break his soul in seven pieces in the hope of defeating enemies, no matter how twisted he may have been. While Tom doesn’t seem to have been spiritually affected by the killing of seven people, his face tells another story to relate.

Lord Voldemort who was the name he started to be known, looked like a snake. It was difficult to for him to recognize the connection to his beloved Slytherin symbol. His pale skin was smooth and his eyes were gaping. Some may suggest that his similarity with a snake might be due to his status as the heir of Slytherin or the ability of Parseltongue to speak, it was the most traumatic tearing of his heart that changed his life.

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Many years of Dark Magic Did a Number on Voldemort

The lengths to which Voldemort was willing to go to achieve his goals are the reason why his appearance began to decline. All of the dark magic that he employed throughout his life, including in the spell to give him a physical body in The Goblet of Fire, accumulated and had an impact on his body. It would be impossible to allow that much magical energy to not cause physical harm. There was a time when Tom Riddle used his attractive appearance to influence and influence people such as Snape to his cause. However, in the end, Voldemort was forced to resort to additional dark magic to diminish his appearance.

It would be funny and easy to say that Voldemort looks like one because the character has one. But that wouldn’t be the case. In the end, his spooky appearance is due to many years of sinister deeds, particularly in making the Horcruxes that split his soul in more ways than it could physically handle.

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