One Piece: Luffy’s Victory Over Katakuri and What It Means for His Future

In one of One Piece’s most controversial fights did Luffy’s victory truly gain or simply an instance of plot armor?

Throughout One Piece‘s over 1,000 chapters, Luffy faced numerous opponents with a variety of fighting styles and capabilities. Some of his opponents were simple to defeat, while others presented a greater threat. The fight he waged against Charlotte Katakuri (one of Big Mom’s many children) is still a hot topic today.

Katakuri was one of Luffy’s strongest opponents and was able to match him blow for blow thanks to the Mochi Mochi no Mi powers that allowed him to copy Luffy’s attacks similar to his Elephant Gun. Even though he was a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit Mochi Mochi no Mi, Katakuri was capable of turning his body into mochi, similar to the ability of Logia. How did Luffy beat this formidable foe?

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How did Luffy defeat Katakuri?

Luffy and Katakuri had a few scuffles in the wedding ceremony between Pudding and Sanji and then the escape, but their main fight would take place on the deck of the Thousand Sunny in Chapter 878 (Episode 850 in the anime) following the time that Pedro committed suicide. Katakuri had escaped the ship using Brulee’s ability to travel through mirrors and was waiting to see their return.

Katakuri tried to stop the group while they were preparing for their flight escape. But, Luffy was able to drag Katakuri into the Mirro-World so that his fellows could be able to finish their escape plan. Luffy cut the mirror to stop Katakuri and his crew from returning to the Thousand Sunny. This was the place where the two would go head-to-head in their first big combat.

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Luffy’s Endurance Granted Him Victory Over Katakuri

Luffy and Katakuri traded fights, with Katakuri gaining the upper hand for the majority of the battle. It was due to Luffy having his Devil Fruit powers awakened. Luffy struggled to keep his head up and even had to take a break for his Haki to replenish. After several rounds and some interference by Charlotte Flampe, both players were on the same footing. Luffy was able to discern movement using the Color of Observation Haki. Katakuri hurt himself the same way he hurt Luffy when he shot Luffy with a needle. They unleashed the supreme King Haki and began to trade blows again. In the end, Luffy was the last remaining after Katakuri was shattered.

Luffy’s win seems to be an outcome of a couple of. One possibility is that Katakuri ate his food and could not regain his energy. Katakuri stated in one panel that sugar was the main source of his strength. He was already in a hurry for his meal and couldn’t finish it, which means he wouldn’t have been able to recharge his energy levels to full. It’s also possible that he stabbed himself in the abdomen to compensate for Flampe’s mistake which resulted in a serious injury.

Fighting with an injury like that would most likely affect him, especially when he isn’t injured frequently and in such a severe way. Luffy is constantly injured and has learned how to deal with it while Katakuri employed her observation haki to be able to anticipate and avoid attacks by using mochi. You may also become exhausted. Or, it could be luck or plot armor that allowed Luffy to prevail.

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Are Luffy and Katakuri capable of fighting again?

Are there any chances that Luffy and Katakuri ever face off ever again? What would happen should Luffy and Katakuri face off again? Based on the possibility that Katakuri wants a fair fight against Luffy in which none one of his siblings gets involved (despite Luffy’s claims that fighting dirty among pirates isn’t possible) is it likely that another stretchy-men battle could be fought? Luffy has improved his abilities and power since their first row. The chance to fight Luffy once more could be a chance to prove how far he’s come since his first fight. Katakuri has likely been working hard to get ready for a fight. They share mutual respect and a fair contest is a good idea.

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