Jinbe Joins the Crew, but Sanji Still Holds His Ground as a Member of One Piece’s Monster Trio

Jinbe was revealed to be the third-strongest member of the crew in Post-Wano bounties. This does not mean Jinbe has taken over for Sanji in One Piece’s Monster Trio.

Since Luffy first saw Fishman Island, One Piece fans have waited for Jinbe to join them in the Straw Hats. Jinbe became an official member of the “Wano Country”, displaying his abilities as a Warlord (and the strongest Fishman), and was made an official member by the crew. After that final battle, the Straw Hats were shown their new bounties. They are now considered elite pirates. Each Straw Hat pirate has their strengths. Luffy and Zoro rank as usual first and second.

Jinbe, however, takes Sanji’s spot, who is always the third-highest bounty member of the crew. He doesn’t hide his frustration at being below Zoro/Jinbe — despite enjoying a bounty exceeding 1 billion berries. The Monster Trio was formed by Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji. This is because they are the team’s three strongest members. Jinbe is now third-strongest but the question remains as to whether Jinbe is the new Monster Trio member.

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Why Does Jinbe have a greater bounty than Sanji?

A bounty does not guarantee that someone will be strong in one piece. There are several examples in the series of pirates defeating those with larger bounties. Luffy, who is a pirate with 500,000,000 berries prior to the “Whole Cake Island,” arc, defeats Kakakuri. Kakakuri was a Yonko high-ranking member of his crew with more than 1,000,000.

A bounty is something that can be used to assess the threat a criminal poses, and it does not depend on one’s physical strength. Jinbe is not just a Warlord but also a contributor to the Summit War. He manages to save Luffy — someone Akainu longs to kill. Jinbe’s history and the fact he is now a Straw Hat pirate, openly declaring war against the World Government makes him a significant threat to law-abiding citizens.

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Why Jinbe Doesn’t Replace Sanji in One Piece’s Monster Trio

Jinbe currently has a bounty worth 1.1 billion, while Sanji’s is worth 1.032 billion. The difference between the amounts is not significant enough to identify who is more powerful. At this point, they appear to be nearly equal. If you look at the “Wano Country”, you will see that Sanji’s contribution was much greater than Jinbe’s.

Jinbe faces Who’s Who, a Tobi Roppo member. Sanji wins Queen, the second most powerful pirate in Kaido. One Piece followers have grown to love Sanji’s appearance as part of their Monster Trio for more than 25 years. Even though Jinbe is a fan favorite, it wouldn’t be pleasant to see another character there. Sanji continues to hold his position in Monster Trio. Given his progress in awakening his genetic mutations (which he does), it is not difficult to imagine him surpassing Jinbe in the Final Saga.

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