The Feat That Defies All Odds: John Wick’s Task Explained

John Wick left his life once as a well-trained assassin. He did this by completing an “Impossible Task” which had deadly consequences.

John Wick was a notorious assassin. But he made a decision to leave all that behind. He was a happily married man who lived a relatively quiet life. However, unfortunate circumstances brought him back to violence. John would eventually have to return to violence.

All of the events of the John Wick movies depend on the success of the protagonists in completing an “Impossible Task.” He was able to enjoy a brief glimpse of his life in the first film. But it also led to what happened in the second, third, and fourth films. John Wick’s mission to complete this mission might have given him Heaven on Earth briefly, but it would ultimately return to make his life a living Hell. We are now at the fourth Johnwick movie. Let’s take a look back at the Impossible Task which started it all.

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John Wick, a man who was “The Impossible Task”, became a happily married man.

John Wick was born Jardani Jovinovich in the Soviet Union. From there, he would move to America and become a Ruska Roma member. John Wick, an adult, became a notorious hitman for joining Viggo Tarasov’s mafia. John was attracted to Helen, a woman he fell in love with. He fell deeply in love and sought to escape his hectic, violent existence. Viggo was happy to grant John’s wish. However, John would have to complete an “Impossible Task.” This meant that he had the task of defeating all of Tarasov’s enemies in a single night. That would ensure that they wouldn’t be able to regroup or retaliate.

Tarasov never expected Wick to complete the mission. It is therefore impossible to name it. John had support from Santino D’Antonio who gave him the tools to defeat Tarasov. John was able to complete his mission and was able to live a life filled with love and civility up until the death of his wife Helen from cancer. John would have new problems, even though the events were terrible.

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The John Wick Sequels – An Impossible Task

The events of John Wick saw Viggo Tarasov attack the son of the series’ dog and force him to react. John doesn’t get much time to celebrate the victory. D’Antonio returns to John’s life in John WICK Chapter 2. He reminds John of his debt for helping John finish the Impossible Task. He intends to cash the debt by having John murder Gianna D’Antonia. John is now in Santino’s crosshairs. John only realizes the bounty on his head.

John was only happy for a very short time, making the Impossible Task more tragic. Helen would have already died, which would have made John’s civilian retiree status a fleeting one. Santino would eventually be able to pay off his debt. John found himself in a series of events that made them the most wanted man on Earth. Santino was required to help John that evening, making his mission impossible. The fallout from this was clearly too high.

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