Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Form Leaks Hint at Potential Charizard Dominance

A rumor about Tera Forms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC has been circulated, and a familiar face may get it.

The next year has seen Pokemon Black and Purple content. Integration with Pokemon MOV and Pokemon IN HOME has begun rolling in. Additionally, legendary Paradox Pokemon were added as Tera Raid Battles. Many fans love the regular updates for Pokemon GO and Purple. They are slowly improving the games to a more acceptable level. Pokemon trainers can look ahead to a DLC expansion called “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero” in 2023. This will include The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk. These exciting additions are certain, especially when you consider the rumors.

Although the DLC’s initial trailer was beautifully produced, the key artwork only reveals a few new characters. The DLC episode will only have a few familiar Pokemon returning in Purple or Violet. There is no indication of what the DLC episodes will include. However, a reliable leaker has provided a possible new mechanic which either one or both expansion parts will use. Even though leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, it appears like the Generation 1 starter Charizard could have another iteration if Tera Forms were to become available.

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Pokemon’s History of Charizards Receiving Form Gimmicks

Pokemon started to use form-changing battle techniques in Pokemon. Mega Evolution took the world by storm. This allowed for certain fully-evolved Pokemon to have temporary evolutions that were restricted by Mega Stones. These Mega Stones corresponded to specific species. Charizard (the only one with two evolutions) was the only pair of Pokemon with Mega Evolutions. This was just the beginning of the special attention that Generation 1 received.

Z-Moves, despite the potential in Mega Evolution, took priority in Moon and Pokemon Sun. Both gimmicks were dropped in Pokemon Sword (and Shutter) in favor of Dynamaxing. It combined Z-Moves elements with Mega Evolution and added a strict limit of three turns. Some of the most popular Pokemon retained their original versions of these mechanics. Generation 8 brought a limited selection of Gigantamax Pokemon. It was similar in concept to Dynamax but with new Mega Evolution-inspired forms. Charizard once again made it into this group. And, thanks to Champion Leon being Champion Leon’s ace Pokemon, it’s even more noteworthy.

Teraforms Would Fit Charizard’s Specific Treatment

If the rumor about special Tera Forms becomes available for Pokemon Scarlet as well as Vivid, then this could happen again. Terastallization stands out as a mechanic that any Pokemon can use. The only difference is the Tera Type. Tera Forms can, however, act as Mega Evolutions forms or Gigantamax forms again, just with different rules. While some Pokemon lines could be given buffs, it’s more likely a few popular Pokemon will retake the mechanic.

Due to its role as an anime character, Charizard has a strong chance. Promo materials indicate that Professor Friede’s new Pokemon will ride a Charizard horse. A prominent Tera Raid battle has featured the Fire/Flying Pokemon, so Silk as well as Violet could soon see another Charizard form as a raid chief. It can get tedious to see the same Pokemon being featured in so many different titles. If Tera Forms do exist, then hopefully there will be a wider range of Pokemon using them.

Pokemon Scarletand Vert is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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