Gay Character Confirmed in Shazam! Fury of the Gods by Screenwriter

Shazam! Henry Gayden, Fury of the Gods cowriter, reveals the homosexuality of a member of the World’s Mightiest Family. He fought for it.

Pedro Pena from Shazam Family has been confirmed to have come out as gay. Henry Gayden, the DC film’s co-writer of Fury of the Gods.

Gayden, who wrote the first Shazam! movie also discussed Pedro’s homosexual orientation in an interview he gave Workaholics together with Chris Morgan. Gayden explained that the only difference in [ Fury of the Gods] will be being more upfront about Pedro being gay. “And that was implied in the first movie very subtly. I found it important and supported us in that fight. That was the reason why this movie was made.

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This isn’t just the first time Pedro’s character has been developed. descriptions in the World’s Mightiest Family already revealed new details about him. Other details about the Shazam Family’s members include Billy Batson struggling to be worthy of his responsibilities as Big Red Cheese and Freddy Freeman developing feelings for a new school girl. A later clip revealed that the said new girl is anthea. One of Fury of the Gods_’ villains, the Daughters of Atlas.

David F. Sandberg spoke out about the Shazam Family and how they were able to be superheroes. “They have been superheroes for a long time now, trying the stop crime and save others. They aren’t great at it. Sandberg commented at the time that Philadelphia has called them the Philly Fiascos.

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What’s Shazam’s Next Step?

Asher Angel (Billy Batson) expressed interest in Shazam being fully integrated into DC Universe. This was suggested by James Gunn, DC Studios’ co-head. Angel met Gunn before on the stages of Gunn’s debut DC film, The Suicide Squad. Angel explained, “I met Gunn and he is just a super kind, genuine, humble guy.” “Super passionate. His talent is obvious, but it is a great team to have his team up with Peter Safran who is so gifted at what he does. This pairing makes total sense. It was inevitable. I do hope to be able [Billy Batson/Shazam] to become one with the other characters. But it’s impossible to know. As of now, however, no additional Shazam projects beyond Fury of the Gods have been announced. Dwayne johnson is currently not expected to reprise his role of Black Adam, Shazam’s arch-nemesis.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods opens on March 17th in theaters

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