Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Sees a Hero Join Lord Zedd

A new Power Rangers report confirms one of the Fury Rangers will partner up with Lord Zedd in the show’s 30th year.

Spoilers for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury are contained in the following. This episode is due to air on Netflix in late 2023.

According to a report, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will see Ollie, the Blue Cosmic Fury Ranger, join forces alongside Lord Zedd.

The Illuminerdi claims it has received the contents of this report through official channels. It confirms that Ollie (Kai Moya), is joining Zedd for Cosmic Fury. This will be the 30th Power Rangers season. The report doesn’t provide any details about what motivated Ollie to abandon his fellow Cosmic Fury Rangers, but it does reveal that he will be the main villain of Cosmic Fury over the 10-episode period.

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Power Rangers Return to Cosmic Fury

They won’t face Ollie or Zedd in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury by themselves, which is a blessing for the team. Online rumors suggest that Ryan Carter, Power Rangers Dino Charge or Power Rangers Dino Super Charge star, will be reprising the role of Heckyl, a reformed villain. Heckyl is rumored to be the Dino Charge Dark Ranger. This persona was first adopted by him in Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic books series. It is not yet known if Heckyl will participate in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, but it’s possible that he could.

The Power Rangers Cosmic Fury won’t arrive until late 2023 so fans will need to wait. While they wait, the Power Rangers 30th-anniversary special premieres online on April 2023. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Once & Always reunites several franchise legends, including the original Blue and Black Rangers David Yost & Walter Emanuel Jones as well as the second Yellow, Black, and Pink Rangers Karan Ashley and Johnny Yong Bosch.

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Who’s skipping the Power Rangers Reunion

Not every Power rangers alumnus wanted to come back for the anniversary celebration. Amy Jo Johnson is a notable exception. Johnson refused to play the role of Kimberly Hart/The Pink Ranger for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a decision she recently made on Twitter. “I never said no… “For the record, no, I didn’t say no to anything. Other fun things are in store! “Looking forward to watching my friends kick ans!” Johnson tweeted. Johnson tweeted.

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