Backlash Mounts as Dragon Ball Franchise Fails to Develop Women Characters Beyond Domestic Duties

Akira Toriyama is known for treating his female characters with inhumanity in the Dragon Ball Super chapter.

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the most influential franchises of all anime/manga. However, the new chapter has drawn the fury of those who disapprove of his treatment of female characters.

Dragon Ball Super has received backlash via Twitter over its latest chapter. It was due to concerns around the design of Mai. Young Trunks were reassured that they could go on date as many times as they liked as their relationship progressed by Pilaf Gang members. It is a tradition that the characters eventually become married. This has caused some fans to be concerned about her fate. There is growing concern she may lose her complicated and multilayered growth to be a housewife instead, like so many other female Dragon Ball characters before her.

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Dragon Ball’s Housewife Trope

Many pointed out Toriyama’s history of repeatedly placing female characters within the role of a domestic worker. Videl Bulma (and Chi-Chi) were all examples of this. These women had strong characters but were often overshadowed at the hands of their husbands. One Twitter user expressed concerns about the future of other female characters, naming Kale Caulifa and Caulifa the victims of the housewife growth curse.

As the story continues, Mai’s destiny is uncertain. However, readers have become tired of the repeated trope because they are frustrated by the fact that so many characters are being relegated to housewives. Viz Media’s March 19th translation will deliver a novel chapter.

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Dragon Ball first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 1984 edition. It continued serialization until 1995. It inspired several sequels to the series, as well as multiple anime shows like Dragon Ball Z, and the current Dragon Ball Super. The original story centers on Son Goku’s adventures as a young fighter. He fell to Earth within a Saiyan Pod. His quest to learn how to fight and find the Dragon Balls is his quest. The series has since grown and gained many more characters. The latest Dragon Ball Super manga pages focus on Trunks as a teenager and Goten as a superhero, while Trunks unsuccessfully attempts to get Mai on an outing.

The anime adaptation of Dragon Ball Super will be back in 2023. Crunchyroll already has 131 episodes. Toonami will air the English dub of the Toriko/One Piece/Dragon Ball Z crossover on March 4, 2023.

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