Thor Attempts to Rekindle His She-Hulk Romance – And Gets Smashed

Thor just tried to hit She-Hulk up for a booty call

In the latest issue, She-Hulk Thor attempts to reach out and be lucky, but Jennifer Walters doesn’t seem to be in the right mood for Thor.

This article contains spoilers about SheHulk #10 Marvel Comics.

Thor attempts to meet up with his ex-love She-Hulk #10 but fails.

“U up!” The God of Thunder. Jennifer Walters does not respond to text messages. This is because Jennifer is suffering from stress and depression after the sudden disappearance of Jack of Hearts. When Jennifer, a disorganized woman, returns from her Avengers trip and sees Thor’s message she refuses to listen and instead calls Hellcat for some much-needed girl talk.

She-Hulk’s Romances with Thor and Jack Of Hearts

She-Hulk has been in several relationships and flings with several prominent Marvel characters, including Iron Man and Hercules. In 2018, she and Thor were briefly mentioned in Jason Aaron’s Avengers series. They shared a kiss in battle and went on a date at the Savage Land. In 2020’s Fallout: Fantastic Four#1, they officially confirmed their relationship. Their relationship ended a year later due to several events, including Marvel’s War of the Realms, which kept them apart for too long.

Jack of Hearts is She-Hulk’s new love, but their relationship has had its ups as well. Jack’s unpredictable skills, which allow him to generate energy and require tempering through a containment suit, once depleted Bruce Banner and Jennifer. The volatile nature of Jack’s abilities has made large swathes of the superhero community wary of him. Jack developed a relationship with Jennifer only after he lost his powers in She-Hulk.

Jack of Hearts #10 in She-Hulk

Jack tried to kill himself in SheHulk #9, to stop April and Mark Booth who was experimenting with Gamma radiation and trying to steal SheHulk’s powers. Issue #10 shows that he survived, but that he regained his unstable abilities. He fled to the far reached space in fear that Jennifer wouldn’t want to be with him.

She-Hulk#10 was written by Rainbow Rowell. It is illustrated by Takeshi Mizawa. Rico Renzi colored it and Joe Caramagna lettered it. Jen Bartel covers the main issue, while David Talaski covers the variant. Marvel is now selling She-Hulk#10.

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