Sasuke and Jack the Ripper in Record of Ragnarok: A Tale of Two Assassins with a Dark Twist

Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok changes Jack the Ripper from a demented version of Sasuke of Naruto on the field and at a spiritual stage.

The next contains spoilers for Ragnarok Series 2, currently streaming on Netflix.

Netflix’s Record of Ragnarok has been a huge hit with viewers. They were curious to see how Jack the Ripper would respond to Season 2. Many think of him as the Victorian Era England’s murderer of women, a misogynistic criminal. So it was quite surprising that, in such a culturally sensitive period, Jack was used as a hero in anime.

Jack joins Brunhilde’s Team. Together, they battle the gods to stop humanity’s extinction. While many were skeptical about Jack’s ability to deal with Hercules, others did. Ragnarok quickly levels Jack, making him an even more twisted version of Naruto‘s Uchiha Ranger in Sasuke.

Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper – Remixes Sasuke’s Eye

Sasuke relied on his Sharingan eye to discern people’s chakras. It allowed him to fight and detect spy spies. He also used it as a sixth sense. Jack’s Record has a similar visual ability, which he has had since he is a kid. However, Jack’s glowing eye detects people’s emotions. He can see the glow of people and discern if they are sad, scared, or happy. He believed his mother would be happy once he was with her, despite their tragic lives.

It is a double-edged razor because it showed Jack just how much she hated Jack for not being able to get out of poverty with his elite father. Jack killed his mother when the woman’s affection turned to malice and he became a woman-hater. Jack fell into the same pit as Sasuke when he lost his Uchiha tribe. But, he wanted to kill for his pleasure, not for revenge. The Valkyrie is trying to harness that maniacal energy now.

Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper Is Sasuke’s War Vibe

Sasuke has a war aesthetic that is iconic in Naruto. He likes to wear a dark cloak while throwing his array of kunai toward his enemies. Plus, he can leap around like a lightning bolt, using tripwires and other things he learned through Kakashi. Jack has all the elements in the Record of Ragnarok. He can also cut up Hercules as he pleases.

Sasuke’s eye compliments this arsenal, allowing him to map Hercules’s moves. Jack has a unique take on the lightning cut move, also known by the Chidori. Kakashi used the move, making his fist into a lightning blade to strike opponents in their hearts. It was used by Kakashi to cut through Rin his beloved when she became a weapon of mass destruction. Sasuke, however, used it to attack many enemies during his downfall. Sasuke has become more cautious as he ages. Jack adopts a similar approach using his version of the move in Record to Ragnarok Season 2 finale against Hercules.

His blood has the power to turn anything into a weapon. Therefore, he allows himself and his blood to flow onto his hands. Jack then presses his fists directly through Hercules as he approaches, nodding to Chidori’s Fatality. Hercules is amazed by Jack’s ability to use such a tactic. Jack will win this duel on the same level of intelligence as Sasuke.

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