Anticipating Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC: Insights from Generation 8

It is widely believed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are going to get some major DLC soon. Sword and Shield’s DLC might have been the start.

Despite its technical weaknesses, Pokemon Scarlett makes a bold move for the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon Scarlet brings a great deal to the table. From new Pokemon designs to an expansive open world to a departure from a linear progression, fans want more.

The mainline Pokemon series is based on the same formula for the past 27 years. There are two iterations of the identical game, with a second iteration released about a month later. Other times, there are two or more sequels. Generation 8’s games, Pokemon Sword and Shield added a new element to the franchise: DLC. Fans are now hoping that Pokemon Scarlett & Violet will get their own set of DLC extensions.

Shield and Pokemon Sword were the first to announce their DLC Expansion Pass on January 9, 2020. This announcement was made just a few weeks after the original launch. Shield and Shield launched their DLC packs in two waves. Shield and The Crown Tundra were named and respectively. Each DLC added an entirely new area to play the game. It was built on the existing landmass of The Galar region. Each DLC was unique and had its own story.

If Pokemon Scarlet is indeed in the works, then fans should expect a similar experience to those found in The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. Many of the areas in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are still greyed out after the credits roll. Inaccessible areas like Area Zero’s lift are another example. Some fans believe that future DLC may unlock these areas as well as some new story quests. Fans will also be able to see the third legendary Pokemon, which was briefly mentioned in the in-game book.

It wouldn’t surprise me to find Pokemon Sword and Shield making their DLC announcements in January. Also, the Gen 8 game launched in the same window. Many fans hope to see a Pokemon ScarletDLC announce on Pokemon Day. It’s February 27, 1996. This would make perfect sense given ‘s absence at, the recent Nintendo Direct.

Another major part of the current speculation revolves around when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are expected to launch their rumored DLC. Shield and were the first to release DLCs on June 17, 2020. That was five months ago. The second DLC went live on October 23, 2021, nine years after it was first announced. In other words, Pokemon Scarlet’s hypothetical new DLC was released on the same date frame. Fans could expect DLC to be available as soon as July if it was announced at that time.

Although indeed, DLC has yet to be confirmed, the fact that the game will have DLC should not be taken lightly. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been highly successful releases for this franchise, so it only makes good sense to keep creating content.

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