Where Does the Story of Spy x Family Take Place, Exactly?

Spy x Family members happen throughout a chilly battle between the countries of Westalis as well as Ostania, but what does that mean for visitors?
It’s no wonder that Spy x Family is a hit shonen anime given its one-of-a-kind facility. Based on Tatsuya Endo’s manga, the collection complies with an undercover representative who forms a family member as part of his critical goal: to investigate a danger to political stability. In the accumulation to season 2 which is established for a Fall 2023 launch, it deserves reviewing the importance of the story’s setting.

Spy x Family members do not happen in the real world as numerous slice-of-life series do, yet it’s also not a totally exotic dream realm like in an isekai anime title either. Instead, Spy x Family members’ setup is a comfy concession between the familiar and also fiction, allowing Tatsuya Endo to exercise his creative thinking easily– a usual technique in shonen anime as well as manga.
The setting of Spy x Family, as shown in both the manga as well as anime, is not based upon expansive worldbuilding the way One Piece is, but the author did provide an engaging context for his cold battle setup. To begin with, the main fight involves the rival countries of Ostania and also Westalis, which are based in the east as well as the west specifically. Nonetheless, Ostania is greater than simply “the country to the east;” it’s clearly planned to be an analog to real-world East Germany, a nation of the Warsaw Deal, while Westalis is West Germany, part of NATO. The real-world effects of this are limitless, though as a shonen anime series, Spy x Household simplifies the idea to the plain fact that these countries are feuding in a cold war as well as one major trigger will lead to a destructive, full-blown war.

All this offers history-minded anime fans some interesting suggestions concerning what else may be taking place behind the scenes in Spy x Family members, and also not simply in terms of the SSS, a clear analog for the Stasi, the East German secret police. Possibly Westalis and Ostania were when close allies and even shared areas as one country, but historical events, consisting of battles, drove them apart. Spy x Family has the prospective to have pretty deep lore that could be checked out in a tie-in novel for history enthusiasts, while the manga and also anime concentrate on the meat of this story, the antics of the Counterfeiter household. The world-building also consists of a map in the manga, with an analog for Denmark being discovered over Westalis and also Ostania as well as a nation called Hugaria further to the east. No question Hugaria is this world’s Hungary, a central European nation that likewise belonged to the Warsaw Pact. The map of Spy x Family might maintain expanding until an alternate version of Europe takes form, offering Loid a big world to check out.
When developing a work of fiction, the author has three broad alternatives regarding the setup: create an entirely imaginary globe from scratch, which prevails for fantasy and sci-fi, make use of a real-world setting, which is a strong pick for slice-of-life anime, or produce a fictional globe freely based on the real life. That third choice is what anime like Spy x Household and Fullmetal Sorcerer use, combining the most effective of both globes. By utilizing real life as a loosened reference, settings like Ostania, Westalis, and also Amestris are more immersive to audiences as well as much easier for the designer to make, since a few of the world-building is already in place.

In this way, a manga author such as Tatsuya Endo can develop an acquainted setup but still utilize creative liberties to suit the story’s requirements. Meanwhile, customers can not just appreciate the information shown directly in the scenes yet also fill in many gaps with enlightened guesses or projections making use of real-world referrals. This creates effective storytelling, with the author only needing to write or attract standard information while visitors can perceive far more information in the worldbuilding. In this way, Spy x Family’s setup feels huge as well as richly outlined, despite the fact that the active world-building in the tale itself is relatively limited. Something like that can not be provided for a totally fictional anime setting, such as that of Naruto or Berserk. The author must do all the world-building themselves, and that calls for some severe time and effort.

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